Mimikri moved to a new sim !!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hi Ladies,

since I started in SL as a fashion designer,I had a dream.

And I am very exited today,because this dream has come true...

*** Mimikri hot couture has moved to it's own sim " Mimikri " ***

Come to join the opening this sunday !
Mimikri hot couture & Sven Olbers Elegant Shoes `the main store on
a beautiful new sim is awaiting you !

Also discover our exclusive shopping area,where we proudly present

* the oBscene - Skins ,Shapes and more
* Icon - Accessories
* KoumB - Poses,Animations & AO's

Relax at the beach or stop by at the Café " Chez Mimi " !

A new release and a gift wants to be picked up !!!

Enjoy and have Fun :)

Mimi & Sven

PS : I will send an info regarding the opening time !

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