Update " Topkapi " & group members only X MAS gift

Sunday, December 21, 2008

" Topkapi " is a richly embroidered ball gown,as well as an elegant shift dress.Available in 4 different color scales.

The "Topkapi " gray_pink is my X MAS gift,group members only,for this reason I have closed the group for two weeks !

Skin / Detour
Hair / ETD
Jewelry / Paper Couture
Bag / ICoN
Shoes / Stiletto Moody

Update " Belle "

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New release..." Belle ",a stylish party dress,shiny with cute lace details,comes in 4 colors.Enjoy!

Skin / The Obscene
Hair / kin
Shoes / Stileto Moody
Bangles / Shiny Things

Update " Serpent "

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just released " Serpent ",a cropped leather jacket and matching snake printed pants,wearable with flare or as leggins.Available in 7 tasty colors.Enjoy !

Taxi to new main store.............Mimikri

Skin / The Obscene
Hair / Kyoot
Necklace / ICoN
Belt / 67 angels
Boots / Storm Schmooz

* Mimikri * sim is open !!!

The sim is open ! Stop by........Mimikri hot couture

Mimikri moved to a new sim !!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hi Ladies,

since I started in SL as a fashion designer,I had a dream.

And I am very exited today,because this dream has come true...

*** Mimikri hot couture has moved to it's own sim " Mimikri " ***

Come to join the opening this sunday !
Mimikri hot couture & Sven Olbers Elegant Shoes `the main store on
a beautiful new sim is awaiting you !

Also discover our exclusive shopping area,where we proudly present

* the oBscene - Skins ,Shapes and more
* Icon - Accessories
* KoumB - Poses,Animations & AO's

Relax at the beach or stop by at the Café " Chez Mimi " !

A new release and a gift wants to be picked up !!!

Enjoy and have Fun :)

Mimi & Sven

PS : I will send an info regarding the opening time !

Update " Meow "

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today I have released " Meow ".An elegant and sexy ensemble.
The leopard patterned jacket has cute loop frill attachments
and a very low-cut neckline.A matching leather pencil skirt
completes the outfit.

Skin / The Obscene
Hair / Kyoot
Jewelry / Paper Couture
Glasses / Paper Couture
Boots / J's
Location / Virtual Africa

The Hotel Dare

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Hotel Dare has reopened on a new sim and it has an amazing build. Charlotte Bartlett built the hotel and the artists featured are Four Yip , Chicanery Turnbull, Poid Mahovlich, Dizzy Banjo and many others. Designed and conceived by Gattina Dumpling, the sim has an amazing shopping area and the Mimikri store is in a white glass forest. Mijn Boa has her main gallery here and you can find everything from secret gardens to technicolor crashed airplanes to murder scenes and many other beautiful places to explore!

Taxi........... The Hotel Dare

Update " Ma Chère "

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have just released " Ma Chère ",an adorable gown as well as
cute party dress,available in 9 beautiful colors.

Skin / The Obscene
Hair / ::69::
Shoes / Bax Coen

Update " Piri "

Friday, October 24, 2008

Today I have launched " Piri ",a colorful and fun outfit.The
dress has a folcloric touch and is richly embroidered with
patterns from different cultures.Worn with the matching
striped cardigan it's a more casual look." Piri " comes in 4
color scales...Enjoy :)

Skin / The Obscene
Hair / Detour
Necklaces / Swallowtail
Boots / Storm Schmooz & Stileto Moody

Good News !!!

Koumia is back with her poses and animations !!!
She reopened her store in my old outlet ( one of the
smaller villas in front of my main store ).Stop by !

here is your taxi.................... KoumB poses

Update " Modesty "

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today I have released " Modesty " - a multi-option dress.
Draped pencil skirt or flirty frills,it's your choice.The top
is a nice seperate too...worn with the waistband and voila...
one more cute sweater to complete your wardrobe.
" Modesty " is available in 7 beautiful colors.Enjoy !

Skin / Redgrave
Hair / Kyoot
Boots / Storm Schmooz - Stiletto Moody
Jewelry / Shiny Things - ICoN
Belt / Sven Olbers

Update " Star "

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today opened the Glamour Expo,an exhibition for a lot of great
designers.I have launched a beautiful glamorous sequin ensemble,
which is only available on the fair.So be curious and have a look
there...it's really worth going there !

Taxi Glamour Expo

Skin / Aden
Hair / Detour
Shoes / Stiletto Moody
Jewelry / Shiny Things

Update " Cortina "

Monday, September 15, 2008

Today I released a new mix & match ensemble...key piece is a
stunning wool wrap with long fringes,all cosy and snuggly.
The 7/8 pants are more loose fit and have a beautiful embroidery
on the leg,a smaller one on the back.The matching softly gleaming
sweater completes the outfit." Cortina " comes in 6 colors and
suitable for shopping,a walk in the autumnal park or apres ski.

Skin / Aden
Hair / Magika
Boots / Tesla
Glasses / Role Optic
Necklace / Icon

Update " Seduction "

Friday, September 5, 2008

I have just released a new dress... " Seduction "- a very sensual knee
lenght lace dress,eyecatcher is a big bow with long lace ribbons...
Figure hugging,enhancing your curves in all the right places and
guaranteed to make the man in your life want to take you dancing.

Skin / Redgrave
Hair / MMS
Boots / Bax Coen
Earrings / (P/a)

Update " Kim "

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have launched a new range of suits,available in 6 colors.
Keypiece is the jacket,which you can combine with cropped
pants or a cute flexi mini skirt,each piece has beautiful cross
stich details...a sophisticated office power suit look with the
pants,and can easily transformed into a sexy after dark outfit
when wearing the skirt...Enjoy :)

Skin / The Obscene
Hair / Cake - Maitreya
Boots / Stiletto Moody

Update " Jill "

Saturday, August 2, 2008

.." Jill " is a sexy outfit to party all night long,comes in 6
colors.The set contains a semi transparent Tank Top a
sculpted Leather Mini Skirt,a Bra and Glitch Pants...Have Fun !

Location / Neptune Bar,Iron Fist
Hair / Magika - Detour
Skin / Redgrave
Boots / Storm Schmooz
Earrings / Cream Shop

Update " Femme "

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fur in July ?...It was so cold on monday,I had to put on
the heater...so I felt like in autum ...and " Femme " is
the result of some autum days in summer...but the
outfit is a mix and match one,and you have all options to
make it what ever you want...elegant or more funky,it's
up to you..."Femme " comes in 9 colors.The Summer is
back *sighs* :)

Skin / PXL
Hair / Detour - MMS
Shoes / Stiletto Moody - Storm Schmooz
Jewelry / Paper Couture - Shiny Things - Perturb/ation
Bag / Miam Miam
Location / Glam World 3

Update " Paris "

Friday, July 11, 2008

Today I released " Paris " a very versatile dress,the first look
is more young and urban,in combination with the evening
skirt you are best dressed for a ball or " Gone with the
Wind "..." Paris " comes in 9 colors with matching leather
gloves in 17 different tones...enjoy !

Skin / Redgrave
Hair / Paper Couture - Maitreya
Hat / Chapeau tres Mignon
Lorgnon / Paper Couture
Shoes / Stiletto Moody
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